Panda Travel 2013-2014 华侨团最新行程


2013 最新华侨团行程出发日期 2013-2014经典假期全部线路售价表 ,最新   买2送1,7天5晚泰国超值游-2013 最新  99 美元 最新11天10夜成都峨眉九寨沟/西藏布达拉神秘之旅,199 美元 东南亚浪漫双国系列游-中国.韩国,450美元, 2013 最新 东南亚浪漫双国系列游, 中国柬埔寨 New, 2013  最新  285 美元 2013柬埔寨-金边-吴哥5日游,$360  最新 11天上海魅力江南+浪漫海南休闲之旅 99美元,2013  最新      7天6夜台湾环岛高铁体验,$299 (台北-花莲-知本温泉-日月潭) 最新2013 10天新马泰纵横游.$599 2013年 6天5晚武汉三峡游 $359,最新   2013 最新魅力上海,江南美景8天遊, $39   经典假期 6天5晚北京精彩之旅 2013年,$69 十天黄山温泉美食  99美元 12天北京江南黄山豪华超值游.$129 9天京韵皇城北京承德天津 68 美元           7天6晚七彩云南风情游 88   美元,2013 最新 2013年九寨沟峨眉山7 晚8天,$99    最新 美国经典6天海南豪华美食游 $249 12天11夜桂林山水魅力江南黄山豪华游,$129-2013 最新   经典8天张家界凤凰古城 $128           Panda -TOUR 报名表


5 Responses to Panda Travel 2013-2014 华侨团最新行程

  1. guest says:

    engrish prease

    • guest says:

      what is engrish?

      • Gerrilyn Yan Jing says:

        Our trip to china was really nice, my husband really enjoy our trip. Beijing was educational. I think we visited tiananmen square, summer palace, forbidden city and great wall. All these places was nice, It was amazing to be able to climb the great wall. we thought the forbidden city architect was beautiful but there was alot of people, so it was hard to see inside the rooms. we got lucky, our tour guide spoke english well and she was pleasant. Also there was a $60 usd show that was mandatory, we were not aware of. I thought you might want to know so your future customer dont get suprised.

        I can’t remember all the places we visited in shanghai, i think suzhou, wuxi, hangzhou, and nanjing. we visited sun yat-sen memorial and had some dark purple (black) corn on a cob, it taste horrible. we went to silk factory, the sale ladies was very pushy, made alot of the people on the tour unconfortable. west lake night cruise was pretty and romantic.

        Overall beijing and shanghai tour was good and the hotels was nice. Only thing we really dislike, was that we went to too many jade stores, tea shops, pearl factorys and chinese medicine schools. we feel it was waste of time and we would like little more extra time on our own to explore.

        Huangshan veiw was spectacular when there’s no fog. The hotel(shack) up on the moutain was horrible, it was very small the bathroom paint was peeled off in many places. we had to upgrade our room, so we could be inside the hotel. huangshan was worth the visit and i was not in shape so my legs hurts for days lol. As you know we also went to hong kong on our own. my husband said he loved hong kong, it his favorite place to visit on his trip to china.

  2. Jerry says:

    请问“经典9天成都九寨沟 $158“有没有十月15日左右出发的团?谢谢!

  3. Summer fun says:

    “We went, we’re back, and we loved it!!! Our guide, Roger, was fantastic. We never expected to have a personal guide and chauffeur. The accommodations, for the most part, were wonderful, the people charming, the shopping terrific, and the sights to see beautiful, awe inspiring, and exciting. We will never forget out elephant ride, boat trip, the hill people (their warm welcome and lovely hand crafts), the dinner theater/dance evening, and the infinite variety of the temples and Buddhas. We will recommend your tour to all our friends.”

    We find a beautiful China from Panda Travel